I think I did it….

 Okay….so I think that I did it:)  One of my favorite Italian restaurants serves this chili and my family has fallen in love with it!!!!  I think that I may have figured it out….my version at least!!! Try it, you’ll love it!!!! “Italian Chili” Ingredients1 lb. Lean Italian ground turkey1 medium white onion diced1 green … Continue reading I think I did it….

"Happy Feet"

Okay, we all have heard of the movie “Happy Feet”, but this past week, I certainly witnessed the real meaning of “Happy Feet”!!!  Our local school was lucky enough to have been chosen to host the Exceptional Prom for the special needs students around our area. You could not even begin to imagine the joy … Continue reading "Happy Feet"

"A Lesson Learned"

Seems like forever since I’ve posted!!!  Sorry….but these past couple of weeks have been a definite blur!!!  So much to do and so little time to do it!!!  Finding time to blog has been pushed aside by other events taking place these days!!!  I’m sure that most of you can relate….especially if your a mom, … Continue reading "A Lesson Learned"

"It’s All About The Blue"

“Blue Friends” April 2nd was National Autism Awareness Day…and we chose to help shine a “LIGHT” on Autism and the Spectrum and by honoring our daughter/sister/friend by joining in the fun with many supporters of the cause!!  From dressing in blue to gluten/free “blue” pancakes,  blue pedicures,  blue flowers and picture backgrounds, blue-plated sushi lunch… … Continue reading "It’s All About The Blue"