"Honey Blessings"

Well, today…my husband and I celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary!!! As most of you know, anniversaries come around very quickly…especially the longer you are married!!! My husband and I were talking today about how amazing it is that it has been 19 years even though it feels much less. I guess that it is good … Continue reading "Honey Blessings"


EMW and I were out taking pictures today. It was plenty HOT, but she was in the mood so I jumped at the opportunity to preserve memories of my youngest daughter…as well as…well, I LOVE to play with my camera and the pictures that I take after I get back to my computer. (It is … Continue reading Reflections…..

"Quiet" Blessings

It’s 5:30 on a Sunday morning…just my cup of coffee, Fox News, a comfy couch and me!!! Ahhh, can you see my smile? Actually, this has to be my favorite time of the day!!! Don’t get me wrong. I am NOT a morning person, but give me this time each day and I am a … Continue reading "Quiet" Blessings

Love is….my husband!

I find myself today being SO thankful for my sweet husband!! Sometimes we take things like family and friends for granted thinking that we are so far removed from anything bad happening to us~but in reality, it can and it does happen to so many everyday! A friend of mine lost her husband of 18 … Continue reading Love is….my husband!

The "Unexpected"

While we were on our annual “Girl’s Trip” to the beach last week, we were surprised with a baseball glove that washed up in the waves where we were wading and taking pictures. My niece, AGH and my daughter, EMW were minding their own business trying to have fun in the water and the waves, … Continue reading The "Unexpected"

The Blessing of "Purple"

For those of you that know ABW, you can appreciate how very impressed her dad and I were when she actually chose to spend some of her hard earned money on a manicure!! ABW is at times, apprehensive trying new things, like lotions, polishes, bubbles, etc. We have Autism Spectrum Disorder to thank for that. … Continue reading The Blessing of "Purple"

Family Blessings….

Family goes without saying…I mean really, a family, a real loving, understanding and dependable family is one of the best blessings of all!! I have been one of the lucky ones! My father prayed for a loving and devoted family from the time he was a young boy until he married my mother. The “Power … Continue reading Family Blessings….