"Busy Blessings"

Yes, there are even blessings in the busiest of times!!!  WHEW….what a couple of weeks we have had!  I’m so thankful for the strength and energy that the Lord has given Ralph and I to make it through!!!  I am happy to report that we all were able to enjoy a restful weekend, so far, … Continue reading "Busy Blessings"

"Catching UP…..Some "snapshots" of our summer:)"

This summer was so busy and went by so fast, that I unfortunately got behind on my postings.  This post will hopefully catch me up to date:)  With all of the trips with family and friends….unscheduled illnesses and hospital stays….birthday milestones….summer camps….moving into a new classroom…..finding and moving into a new deer lease, etc.~you can … Continue reading "Catching UP…..Some "snapshots" of our summer:)"

It’s been a while…..

Well, it has been a while!!! Lots of things have been keeping me from my creative, journalist side lately…..my mother-in-law FINALLY was released from the hospital and rehab facilities this past week….we drove my youngest daughter 7 hours away to summer camp this past weekend for a two week stay…..I took my oldest daughter school … Continue reading It’s been a while…..

"Passing the time"

While I am waiting on Nana’s heart cath procedure to be finished, I am entertained by the innocence of my daughter. Although her Nana is in a surgery room at this very moment….and by the way, her Nana means everything to her…she can put aside her anxiousness for a quick card game with one of … Continue reading "Passing the time"