Okay….now this post and this recipe was inspired by my newest FAVE Food Network host, The Pioneer Woman🙂  She’s awesome!!!! She made this yummy broccoli-cheese-ham soup on her show and it looked Yummilicious served up in her hollowed out bread bowls:) In my mind, the only problem was that her recipe used a WHOLE stick … Continue reading

"This Hand"

It was GRAND to me and many more! Literally…out of the two children that she raised, she was given eight more to love.  That number grew in time to a number that is still growing!  As I am sure each of her GRAND’s are doing tonight, I am remembering with tears and smiles all of … Continue reading "This Hand"

I think I did it….

 Okay….so I think that I did it:)  One of my favorite Italian restaurants serves this chili and my family has fallen in love with it!!!!  I think that I may have figured it out….my version at least!!! Try it, you’ll love it!!!! “Italian Chili” Ingredients1 lb. Lean Italian ground turkey1 medium white onion diced1 green … Continue reading I think I did it….