Jalapeno Turkey Sliders with White Cheddar Cheese.

Y’all….I happened along a great food blog, The Delightful Bite, this week and these yummy looking Jalapeno Cheddar Sliders caught my eye!!! Turkey burgers are not exactly easy, in my opinion, to successfully master.  (They can be bland, dry and kinda blah depending on how you combine them and/or cook them.) Just my thoughts! I took the … Continue reading Jalapeno Turkey Sliders with White Cheddar Cheese.

My Chocolate Chip Cookies….Tried & True

Chocolate Chip Cookies are my all time favorite cookies….from my earliest of memories, I have always loved them…the {ooier and gooier} they are, the better!!! Recently, I went on a chocolate chip cookie recipe testing mission and after many, many, many….many batches, I’ve mastered MY personal favorite recipe and am quite happy with the results. Continue reading “My Chocolate Chip Cookies….Tried & True”