Bits & Pieces. All Things Thanksgiving.

What I’m LOVING on this Monday….ALL THINGS THANKSGIVING!!! Since this is November….it’s all about Thanksgiving for me!  I have always loved Thanksgiving. Whether it was the food, family, friends or fun….I was always ready!  So, I decided to devote an entire post to T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G.!!! In preparing for my own Thanksgiving, I have come across some … Continue reading Bits & Pieces. All Things Thanksgiving.

Okay….now this post and this recipe was inspired by my newest FAVE Food Network host, The Pioneer Woman🙂  She’s awesome!!!! She made this yummy broccoli-cheese-ham soup on her show and it looked Yummilicious served up in her hollowed out bread bowls:) In my mind, the only problem was that her recipe used a WHOLE stick … Continue reading

A little something I found on Pinterest:) I just LOVE this!!!   So True!!! Avocado Grilled Cheese:) I’m so gonna make this!!! YUM!!! Continue reading