"Snow Blessings"

Another CRAZY Winter in Texas!!!  We just had a VERY cold week this last week….this is very unusual for our location, as we do not see that type of precipitation very often.  I am reminded that about a week ago, we had a cold front/rain roll into town and I heard thunder and saw lightening … Continue reading "Snow Blessings"

"The Year in Pics:)"

Our 1st and 2nd SNOW!!!  Amanda’s GLASSES!!   Business/Fun Vegas Trip  CHALLENGE Day for Special Olympics!   CHEER Tryouts!!! Meeting Mr. President! Light it up BLUE!!! Autism Awareness! PROM!  8th Grade Awards Ceremony Heritage   CHEER Camp 20th Anniversary Family Celebration Vegas Trip Losing Maw Maw.. The Summer The FARM THE 1st “Wallace Tractor” Work on the Farm….done … Continue reading "The Year in Pics:)"

"This Hand"

It was GRAND to me and many more! Literally…out of the two children that she raised, she was given eight more to love.  That number grew in time to a number that is still growing!  As I am sure each of her GRAND’s are doing tonight, I am remembering with tears and smiles all of … Continue reading "This Hand"

"Happy Feet"

Okay, we all have heard of the movie “Happy Feet”, but this past week, I certainly witnessed the real meaning of “Happy Feet”!!!  Our local school was lucky enough to have been chosen to host the Exceptional Prom for the special needs students around our area. You could not even begin to imagine the joy … Continue reading "Happy Feet"

"A Lesson Learned"

Seems like forever since I’ve posted!!!  Sorry….but these past couple of weeks have been a definite blur!!!  So much to do and so little time to do it!!!  Finding time to blog has been pushed aside by other events taking place these days!!!  I’m sure that most of you can relate….especially if your a mom, … Continue reading "A Lesson Learned"

"It’s All About The Blue"

“Blue Friends” April 2nd was National Autism Awareness Day…and we chose to help shine a “LIGHT” on Autism and the Spectrum and by honoring our daughter/sister/friend by joining in the fun with many supporters of the cause!!  From dressing in blue to gluten/free “blue” pancakes,  blue pedicures,  blue flowers and picture backgrounds, blue-plated sushi lunch… … Continue reading "It’s All About The Blue"