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Lemon & Elderflower Champagne Cocktail.

In honor of the recent Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, I’m sharing with you this yummy champagne cocktail that was inspired by the bride & grooms choice of wedding cake flavor…..lemon & elderflower!!! It’s so simple and SO good!

I had a fun little Royal Wedding Breakfast Watch Party for the event and I served this champagne cocktail to toast the first kiss.  I’ll share my party planning ideas, pictures from the party and recipes that I decided to serve for the fantastic Royal Wedding very soon.  It was a Jolly Good Time! Heehee..

This was such a great, clean champagne cocktail.  I loved it and since last Saturday, I’ve made it again. No judging please… It’s simple and easy to put together, so why not have it everyday?  Just sayin’

Lemon & Elderflower Champagne Cocktail.

A wonderfully clean and bright champagne cocktail inspired by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding Cake flavor....Elderflower & Lemon. 



  • 1 bottle of champagne or prosecco your favorite
  • 1 bottle of Elderflower & Lemonade
  • 1 lemon sliced for garnish


  1. Pour 1 to 2 oz. of Elderflower Lemonade in a champagne flute.

  2. Top it off with champagne or prosecco.

  3. Garnish it with a thinly sliced piece of lemon.

  4. Enjoy!

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