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Things I’m loving on this Monday.

I have been super busy these days with Mother’s Day Celebrations, end of the year school functions and graduation parties, gardening and yard work getting ready for the summer, but I have also been very busy trying some wonderful recipes from some of my favorite blogs, as well as some of my fellow foodies. Take a look-

amazing Spanish Rice.

I want these chicken burritos right now. SO good!

Y’all….these brownies…YUM

A great tortilla soup recipe. It’ll be a go-to one for me…you know, my love for soups and all!

Refreshing Kombucha Cocktail. Ah…need one now.

Delicious Mimosa Punch. I made this punch for my Mother’s Day Celebration Brunch and it was divine!  LOVED it.

Chicken Noodle Soup.  Who doesn’t love chicken noodle soup? I mean, c’mon….we can’t have enough of these recipes, right?  I can’t.

Blood Orange Cake. With all of the blood orange craze these days….I had to try it!  Yum.

I’ve also been really into baking with rhubarb!  Stay tuned for a yummy pie recipe that I’ve been recreating.  It’s so comforting and scrumptious…no lie!

Other things that I’m LOVING on this Monday….non food related:

The blooming trees and flowers.

Catching up on the latest season of The Crown because, duh, the Royal Wedding and all!!! I hosted a “Royal Wedding Pajama Breakfast Watch Party” this past Saturday and what a BLAST!!! I’ll be sharing our food and fun with you on a post soon.  Stay tuned!  What a fun party!

Hay baling….it’s that time of year at my house.  Love it.

I’m loving anything pool related this year….getting summer ready. Notice I said getting “summer ready”, not “beach body ready”….but I need to be doing that too! Ugh…the struggle is real. LOL

Must have this pool float. So Cute!

Loving this umbrella….so adorable and just my style.

WANT this! Such a classy look, but different.  I’m all about that.

LOVE this…and it goes with the umbrella that I love.

As usual….ALL of the items above are LOVED or purchased by me.  I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of the links or companies above.  Just items that I happen to be admiring at this time.  

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