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What I’m loving on this Monday!

The above picture is of my mom’s china set that she picked out when she got married years ago.  It is Mayfair by Noritake and throughout her 55 years of marriage, well, let’s just say her set has dwindled down to almost nothing. So, I decided to surprise her and try to refill her set.  Her reaction when I gave them to her…I will never forget!!! She was so emotional over them and I knew at that point how much she adored not only this particular china pattern, but all of the memories that went along with getting them. She told me a story about her and her mother and the fancy department store that they picked them out in that I had never heard before.  I LOVE things like that….old family stories, my mom, my grandmother, these dishes….so thankful to have surprised her with them.

LOVING this new blog that I found. New to me that is!

Digging these copper salt & pepper shakers. You know my love for copper….I have it all over my kitchen.  Like I may or may not have a copper addiction. Seriously

LOVED this store that my daughter and I found on a recent trip to NYC. I mean….so cool.  Just loved it!


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