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Things I’m loving on this Monday.

Ah…the tulip trees blooming this time of year are incredible!!! I love driving around my little town and seeing their beauty!  They are all over the place this time of the year. LOVING them. Wish that they could bloom longer.

I recently hosted a “The Crown” marathon party….I’ll have to get more into what I served for that one later, but The Preppy Kitchen Blog’s recipes for English Tea sandwiches really came in handy.  I used the egg salad and cucumber dill recipes for my tea sandwiches. So good! (On a side note: I.LOVE.THE.CROWN.!!! Like seriously! If you haven’t gotten hooked yet, you might want to.)

While I’m planning for an upcoming trip, I came upon this list of carry-on luggage that I thought was helpful.

adoring this super cute dress.

and this one.

Ohemgee…..this creamy gnocchi soup looks amazing….I must try it soon.

I’ve been looking for a great orange chicken recipe. This sounds and LOOKS amazing.

A new blog that I happened upon thanks to Instagram.   Loving the tips, recipes and suggestions for eating in NYC.

Loving this white button down shirt. Looks like I need to take a trip to Target soon.

I’m sad that the Winter Olympics are now over….I really love to watch most events, especially the half-pipe and figure skating.  #TeamUSA

**As usual, the products admired by me above are just that…admired by me.  I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of them. Just things that I’m loving on this Monday. 
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