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11-17-17 Things I'm Loving!

Things I’m LOVING this Monday…

Loving this Oh Sweet Basil blog!!! Lot’s of great recipes!!!

Sea Salt Body Gloss Spray. Found this on a recent trip and fell in love with the luxurious feel and smell of it. The glimmer of it was also a nice surprise.

Bergamot Mint Candle. Such a great candle.

Coffee Airpot. What a great thermos….for hot or cold drinks.

Beautiful luggage set. What a great looking luggage set. Perfect!

Kisses Acorn Treats. How fun are these??? So cute.

****The products above are either purchased or admired by me…I have not been sponsored and I am not affiliated with any of the companies. These are just finds and tips that I find irresistible and want to share with all of you. The above photo is the property of OLB and may not be copied or reused. ****

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