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Chicken Spaghetti YUM!!!

Okay, so, I have tried MANY different recipes for Chicken Spaghetti in my 20+ years of cooking, and I can FINALLY say…..I can STOP trying!!! I found THE one, the ONE and ONLY!!! So yummy!!! All credit will have to go to my newest favorite Food Network host, Ree Drummond….AKA…The Pioneer Woman!  I made this for my family this week and they LOVED it!!!  I love it because it is different than any other chicken spaghetti recipe that I’ve tasted so far…’s spicy!!!!  I don’t know if it’s my Louisiana roots that enjoys that extra kick and flavor from the cayenne pepper or if it’s just my love of SPICY, but either way…..the cayenne pepper is the ticket!!!!

Here is the link where you can find the recipe and the “How-To” to make this wonderful meal!!

I did however make some minor changes just to “lighten” it up a bit!!! It didn’t dissappoint! I used 2% milk cheese products and the fat free Cream of Mushroom Soup!!! Also, I used a little more than the 2 cups of chicken broth stated in the recipe to make it a little more creamy and moist!!! I will do that again, maybe even add more the next time!
Love, Love, Love!!!

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