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"Happy Feet"

Okay, we all have heard of the movie “Happy Feet”, but this past week, I certainly witnessed the real meaning of “Happy Feet”!!!  Our local school was lucky enough to have been chosen to host the Exceptional Prom for the special needs students around our area. You could not even begin to imagine the joy and excitement that these students experienced! It was a reminder to my husband and I how we, as everyday individuals, seem to take the smallest things for granted. For some of the kids we saw, this event was the thrill of their life!!!
Our daughter, Amanda, was one of the many participants at the prom.  We had a GREAT time searching for that perfect dress, but the main item that Amanda was looking most forward to buying was her shoes!!!  She was so excited that I was actually going to allow her to wear shoes that were not necessarily flat!!!!  Just so you know, she had scoliosis surgery a couple of years ago and between that and the fact that she is already tall enough, coupled with the fact that she is not that steady on her feet as it is, you can understand the hesitation to allow her to do this!!!!  Well, I had held her off long enough on the shoes and she was not giving into me at all about the heels:(  We ended up compromising on a modest pair of shiny, black, strappy heels…couldn’t have been more than an inch and a half or so….but, just the same, she was THRILLED!!! 
The day finally came!  Last minute purchases were made!  Decorations and arrangements were placed!  The “PROM” was here….Due to the fact that we were providing this event for our special needs community, it was held during the school day.  So, a lovely morning getting pampered with the normal “girly” frills prevailed!  Hair, makeup….(what she would allow) and of course, nails!  We managed to talk her into some modest jewelry and some pictures with her dress and heels:)  Nothing more than a date to the ball and a white carriage would do for our special princess!  So, what do you know???  The “Best of Both Worlds” came!  Her lifelong friend escorted her to the prom in a white carriage…a white limo!!!  She was very excited about driving up to the school in her very own limo….In fact, when the limo driver opened the door for her, she quickly got out and proceeded to greet the other students standing there instead of waiting on her date!!!  Not to worry, she quickly returned and they entered the dance arm in arm. Although it took a while for her to warm up to the idea of dancing instead of socializing…eventually, she gave in!!!  She was most excited about her favorite line dance and song…”The Cha Cha Slide”!!!  All the people there, parents, family members, students, volunteers, professionals, community members and of course, our special guests had the time of their lives!!!  There were many enlightened hearts and teary-eyed onlookers!  I wonder  if it was the same “Happy Feet” moment that got to me?

Psalms 126:5 “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.”

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