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…Ornamental Blessings….!

Tonight….”Operation: Christmas Take-down”!!  I’m
happy to report….all is well!!!!
Unfortunately, when I began putting Christmas decorations
up this year, I noticed some MISSING items that
have caused me some minor panic
and sleepless nights!!!  I have since recovered…
knowing full well that my meaningful husband and daughters probably did not realize that
the before mentioned items could possibly have been part of their “Impromptu” garage sale items
 that they so generously laid out for quick sale back in the Spring….which, by the way, I just
happened to be out of town at the time…..That is my ONLY explanation for
their absence from my Christmas decor this year!!!  HUM!….Furthermore, November of 2010…this will
not be the case!  All Christmas items are logged and numbered, boxed and packaged with
GREAT care and will be fully accounted for when time to decorate again!!!
Of course, that will require not only my neat and organized packing system, but also
….it must be accompanied with my careful supervision when making it’s way to the hibernation area in the attic!
Requiring, of course, me, my clipboard (with box numbers logged with correct items), a signed contract stating that all decorations have found their place safe and sound and can
be easily retrieved later this year….but also
maybe….even a megaphone for accurate hearing and placement in the attic…just in the event of a mishap:)
Ahhh, but seriously….I am thrilled to have celebrated yet another Christmas, filled
with family love, family laughter, and most importantly a family that is devoted to CHRIST!!!!
Honestly, I can’t wait till later this year, when we uncover all of the Christmas ornaments and treasures that
make our way back into our home and reminisce about all of the
Christmas’ past!  Each memory and each ornament holds a special place in my heart!  From the traditional Christmas balls….to the “homemade” treasures
  that my children have made
over the years….each one is so very dear to me and
reminds me of how BLESSED we are
 each day and each year to be together…. healthy…. loved and Saved!
Proverbs 4:23

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

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