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"Thankful Thursday"…..

Well, today started VERY early for me. I couldn’t seem to sleep, so I was up at 5:00 making coffee, folding the laundry that I had put off from the day before, catching up on current events…AKA…Fox News (my morning ritual), etc. I can’t complain because I did seem to be pretty productive today~! I did manage to get a lot of things done and that makes me smile:) So….here is my attempt at explaining my “Thankful Blessings” for today….

T- In an effort to TRY to surprise my husband for Father’s Day, several days ago I managed to coax my mother-in-law into an early hair appointment and blue clothing so that we could take “Just the Girls” pictures to surprise my sweet husband. Well, she was all to willing to help out with this feat, so early afternoon came and there I was, ready for the photo shoot to begin. (Nana, ABW, EMW, our dog Chewy and I). 🙂

H- HOT, boy was it hot today while we were trying to be beautiful for these photos! The weather report from three days ago did not tell the truth!! It rained today….was not supposed to, but it did! Therefore, it was humid, sticky and HOT!!!! (Thank you ladies for smiling through it all:)

U- I guess Understanding would have to be the word I am looking for. Normally, on days like today, I would have had both girls with a melt down, but not today. They seemed to understand that this was for a good cause and they cooperated as much as they could.

R- My husband, Ralph…that is what this torture that we are enduring is all about. Ha, no really….He deserves all that we went through and more! What a GREAT father he has been to my children. I am THANKFUL to have found a man that is as loving and as giving as my own father! He is also a great Believer in our Eternal Father and for that I am so THANKFUL!!

S- SAY “Cheese”….We took lots of photos to get that very special one for ….

D- DADDY!!! Unfortunately, there are so many to choose from! It will be very hard to decide which ONE to surprise him with. We all wanted to look our best and smile our best to show him how much we appreciate him for being such a wonderful son, husband and father. I hope that we can make the decision in time!

A- ABW was our first daughter and was willing to curl her hair, wear makeup and wear pearls for this occasion. For those of you that know ABW, you know this is truly a sacrifice on her behalf and shows her true love for her Daddy!:)

Y- ….all the reasons “Why” we love Ralph….Continue reading this blog, and you will understand too!


Matthew 5:16

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”
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